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For People in Addiction Recovery
y People in Addiction Recovery.

Sober Grid was founded by Beau Mann to provide a sober community that could be accessed anytime, anywhere.


Today, it is a platform full of evidence-based tools to help anyone find and maintain their path to sobriety while avoiding traditional barriers to accessing support. 


Some join to get support, others to give it. Each free download, post, and connection creates an opportunity to strengthen one’s personal resolve while helping others do the same.

"An app of this nature was sorely needed in today's culture, because so many people spend their time communicating with one another on their smartphones" - Joe Putignano, Huffington Post

Who's been talking about Sober Grid?

"Mann believes that the app will be especially useful during the holidays, as festivities provide strong temptation. The app includes a button labeled “Burning Desire,” to allow a user to alert other users in the vicinity that they need help when temptation arises." Read more.


"Beau Mann, the chief executive and a founder of a new app called Sober Grid, says that for some users, joining this social network could be a matter of life and death. “It sounds somewhat dramatic, but it’s realistic,” Mr. Mann said. “Some people, their life is dependent on their sobriety. So that need to connect is how people get and maintain sobriety.” Read more.


"Some argue that technology makes us less social... Sober Grid, a new app, is changing that – they’re using that technology to connect sober friends and create a recovery community." Read more.


"We are not a 12-step program,' said Chris Pesce, Sober Grid’s marketing director and himself a recovering alcoholic. 'We’re a tool that complements those programs.' [Sober Grid] is aimed more at building a strong and supportive community both for people who are in recovery and those who simply choose to live a sober lifestyle." Read more.


"Members who have beaten their demons can share their experiences and offer tips on how to stay clean. The best part of the app is the convenience of a support system at the touch of a button." Read more.


"The app works because it can help someone, for example, in an airport who wants a drink, and can’t get to a meeting, connect with someone else in recovery. '[It's] the ultimate double bottom-line company." Read more.


"In light of the current opioid epidemic ravaging the U.S., where overdoses cause more deaths than car accidents, startups are using technology to help recovering addicts stay clean. Sober Grid, a social smartphone app that enables sober people to connect with each other, has gained 25,000 users in a week." Read more.


"Sober Grid is proving to be a the hot new social networking app that people have been looking for. ' [It] stands in the middle of the digital and recovery intersection - the missing link for the sober community." Read more.


"Here's what happened when I tried the hot new sober app... If I was in a place where I was desperate to find another sober person or a meeting—or just have someone who understood hear me out—I imagine it could be a lifesaver." Read more.


"Unlike other addiction recovery apps that only help track your sobriety or keep you motivated, this app goes above and beyond. It’s a virtual sober community in the palm of your hands. It is also rated as the #1 Sober App for both Apple and Android products." Read more.


"Sober Grid is a social networking app connecting people in the recovery and sober living communities through geo-social networking. An app of this nature was sorely needed in today's culture, because so many people spend their time communicating with one another on their smartphones" Read more.


"If you are struggling with alcoholism or other forms of addictions, here comes a smartphone app that aims to help..." Read more.

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