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April 26, 2016



Once upon a time there was woman who sat at a bar, clothes half falling off, mascara smudged beneath her eyes as she slurred to a tattooed well-built young bartender about how one day she was going to be a writer. Now imagine this, the look that was on his face as he...

I am a recovering addict who values my anonymity. Let me be clear, though, I am not ashamed of my status of being an addict in recovery. In fact, I am incredibly grateful for (most) everything I have been through that has made me who I am today.


A big aspect of anonymi...

April 8, 2016

Recovery, whether you're a newcomer or have been clean and sober for some time, is all about change. We don't get well looking at things the same we've always looked at things, thinking the same way we've always thought of things and definitely not doing the same thing...

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