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May 27, 2016

Drinking was dangerous for me from my very first sip. Why? I was already in a very bleak headspace, the walls were closing in around me in a claustrophobic dark room which had no light switches, and suddenly, it was like someone had created a magic chute in the corner...

May 23, 2016

So there I am, the sun shining on my face through the slats in my bedroom window shades and I am awakened to a beautiful morning. I am alive and sober. It’s Valentine’s Day, sweethearts day, a day of love. I actually wake up feeling happy, not pulling the covers over m...

Yesterday didn’t do it for me. I woke up feeling flat, went for a walk trying to ignite some internal sunshine and returned home uninspired, my head churning with questions and doubts. All day I felt deflated and I couldn’t lift myself out of my mellow mood.

In days go...

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