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August 16, 2018

If you are recovering from an addiction, you will currently be overcoming the habitual, constant intake of drugs and/or alcohol that have chemically altered your body, brain and nervous systems.

The abrupt deprivation of these substances can bring on post-acute-withdraw...

August 13, 2018

I never thought running a marathon was something I wanted to do. Or even any running thing — like a 5K race. I rarely came upon any "5K 'thing'" during my day-to-day life. But, when I did, it brought about a sense of ire; especially because it blocked roads and made it...

Alcohol causes drowsiness. This has led to the popular misconception that it can aid sleep. Up to 20 percent of Americans report using alcohol as a sleep aid. However, alcohol negatively impacts the quality of your sleep, as well as how long you can expect to sleep. Al...

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