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College Mental Health Support 

Sober Grid brings comprehensive mental health and substance abuse resources to college campuses 

Accelerating rates of mental illness and substance abuse in college campuses is a growing concern for parents, colleges and communities. 

We provide campuses with the tools needed to truly help their students backed by decades of evidence and expertise. Whether we are training counselors, or taking referrals to our coaches, Sober Grid creates campus plans bespoke to your needs.

Our program is fully remote and provides access to resources for the symptoms of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and mental illness.

How does it work?

The primary function of the Sober Grid app is the social media component. Users can access a newsfeed with updates from other members, find meetings and members nearby for support, post their thoughts, and engage in Daily Check-Ins to log progress and stay present in their recovery.


For Universities, Sober Grid can make communities specific to your students as a built-out platform, or by adding locked private groups within the existing app.

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One-on-one Peer Coaching

Our state-certified peer coaches share lived experiences and assist members with all facets of life surrounding mental health and substance abuse.


They can be trained specifically with your campus in mind and offer a 24/7/365 crisis support line. Peer support is a proven method of increasing engagement with other support programs such as therapy, medication, treatment programs and more. 

Digital Resources and Assessments

Our partnership with CredibleMind, a 'one-stop shop' for mental health resources, adds a comprehensive online portal. 

Beginning with mental health assessments, the user is directed to personalized mental health resources such as videos, blogs, local meetings, trending topics and more. Paired with our app, coaches, and support community, this partnership delivers an unparalleled continuum of care.

This service can be branded and personalized to the specifications of your campus community.

Digital Therapeutics for Alcohol and Depression

Momentum behind the growing field of Digital Therapeutics greatly increased during the COVID-19 pandemic and the impacts it had on isolation, mental health, and lack of remote health resources. 

Pharmaceutical pioneer Orexo works in conjunction with Sober Grid to offer discounts on two of their most prominent digital therapeutics- vorvida® for alcohol misuse, and deprexis®, for symptoms of depression.

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Let's get started on developing a comprehensive plan

that customized for your campus.

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