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An Important Note About Our Founder Beau Mann


Beau Mann, Founder of Sober Grid

May 7, 2023

A sad day for the Sober Grid community. We have learned from Santa Monica, California police that the remains of our beloved founder Beau Mann have been discovered near where he was dropped off by an Uber about a year and a half ago. No cause of death has been determined. Beau was just 39 years old.     

    Beau went missing on a sunny Sunday afternoon, November 30, 2021, after getting in an Uber outside of a 7/11, not far from Sober Grid’s Los Angeles office. He texted 911 while inside the Uber. He was dropped off in Santa Monica. Despite exhaustive efforts to find him, Beau was never heard from again.

     Simply put – Beau was our light. After an experience in his early years with drugs and addiction, he turned his focus and passion towards helping others. In 2015, he created the first digital app to house a 24/7, online, worldwide community for people in recovery. As you know, Sober Grid, with your help, has saved thousands of lives and no doubt, will save thousands more.

     We hope you will take a moment to think about Beau. His bright smile and endless energy and compassion will be missed. While he is no longer with us, we know Beau’s spirit will live on in Sober Grid’s mission to help those in need.

How It All Began

Beau Man had the idea to create Sober Grid while attending the Sundance Film Festival. With millions worldwide struggling with addiction, along with his co-founders (Nick Krasucki, Chris Pesce and Tavis Morello) he saw that there was a need for developing an online sober community. 

In June 2018 Sober Grid purchased Ascent, an evidence-based peer recovery coaching service in Ohio. Through this acquisition, Sober Grid offers telehealth HIPAA compliant 24/7 certified peer coaching support through their platform.

The company has received funding from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health and continues to explore how to leverage technology to improve connection and support. The company is focusing efforts on using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help people in recovery have an increasingly fulfilling life. The company has appeared on Fox, CNBC, Entrepreneur, NY Metro, New York Times, The Boston Globe, Forbes, and many other media outlets.

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