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Mental Health Resources and Support

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Throughout life, more than 50% of people will face a mental health issue that requires attention. Most of those people will seek self-help solutions rather than get professional guidance.


The problem is that 95% of self-help resources on the internet are not evidence-based and there is no way to make sense of which resources are trustworthy.

Intervene Early, Build Resilience, Reduce Stigma
and Measure Outcomes.

An on-demand mental health resource portal.

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With evidence- based content that’s private, personalized, and accessible 24/7/365 anywhere in the world.


Access to academically validated assessments to discover which aspects of an individual’s mental health and wellbeing need the most support.


Personalized solutions for the best evidence-based content to meet those needs–both self-help resources.


Easily connect and talk to someone anywhere, anytime, or get help finding professional services.


The connections between trauma, mental health issues, and substance use issues have been examined by numerous researchers and clinicians; and it is clear that in order for effective healing to take place, mental health clinicians must be prepared to treat both mental health and substance use related issues.


Retain Your Workforce.

Upgrade Your Benefits and Improve Your Bottom Line.

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