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Comprehensive Solutions for
Counties and Criminal Justice Populations

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The Sober Grid platform fills in gaps to ensure a complete continuum of care for patient participants.

One size does not fit all.

We provide tailored solutions to meet your commnity needs.







Peer Support Services with proven outcomes.


Warm line offering 24/7 support

Custom Reporting

Mental Health Resources

Digital Therapeutics

Adjunct Social Services

An Affordable Solution with Results



We can work with you to find the right services to help you achieve your goals Whether it's to reduce  your costs to the public and community systems or decreased rates of hospitalization, recidivism, and readmission - we can help.


Our services can increase treatment engagement rates and completion of treatment plans and improve the likelihood of long term recovery from substance use disorder.

Get Help Now


We have experience working with County Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Authorities, State Departments of Correction, and Speciality Court Dockets.


Not sure how to get it for your community? We offer advanced funding guidance for the allocation of funding related to SOR, ARPA, SAMHSA, and other state and federal grants.

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