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Digital Therapeutic Solutions

Digital therapeutics are based on established cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques. This provides a goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment model that is a hands-on, practical approach to problem-solving. The aim is to provide support and change patterns of thinking or behavior that cause patient barriers.

Happy Family

Our addiction recovery tool retains a large community of people in or seeking recovery and provides a continuum of care that leads to comprehensive and holistic mental wellness and substance use disorder recovery.

Our peer support coaches and community increase the rate of
engagement and improve outcomes for treatment programs,
including Digital Therapeutics.

Our partnership with pharmaceutical pioneer Orexo allows us to provide Digital Therapeutics to our clients and Sober Grid community.


deprexis large.png

deprexis® is a unique online program for depression that helps you feel better when added to what you’re already doing to treat your depression. deprexis® provides personalized tools and resources tailored to you, just like what you might get from a therapist or other healthcare provider but without having to connect to a live person.

vorvida large.png

Vorvida® is a web-based software program that uses clinically proven CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) tools and techniques to help users take control of their drinking habits. It lets you set your own goals, then creates a personalized approach to help you cutback on how much and how often you drink.

Retain Your Workforce.

Upgrade Your Benefits and Improve Your Bottom Line.

In a land-scape where Covid-related isolation and mental illness has encouraged a proliferation of digital health technologies, Sober Grid retains six years experience of proven effectiveness backed by research from leaders in the substance abuse and mental illness spaces.

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