Digital Therapeutics Partnerships

What is Sober Grid?

Sober Grid is an evidence-based Digital Health platform that leverages research, peer support services, and adaptive technologies to improve outcomes in Substance Use Disorders and Mental Illness. We offer a suite of services including:

• One-on-one Peer Support Coaching

• 24/7/365 Crisis Support

• Moderated peer support groups

• An online community of over 300,000 members

• Digital therapeutics

• Patient recruitment for clinical trials and research Among others.

Peer Support Increases Engagement

Our peer support coaches and community increase the rate of engagement and improve outcomes for treatment programs, including Digital Therapeutics.


Current DTx- Partnership with Orexo

deprexis large.png

for depression

vorvida large.png

for alcohol misuse

Sober Grid and DTx Partnerships

Sober Grid is undergoing Phase I and Phase II clinical trials in conjunction with Universities, the NIH, NSF, and pharmaceutical companies, exploring topics such as:


• Virtual reality therapy

• Predictive analytics to prevent relapse through machine learning

• DTx trials in the SUD/SMI spaces We utilize our memberbase of 300,000+ SUD/SMI sufferers, along with our dedicated R&D team, to test and adapt groundbreaking technologies in the mental health space.