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What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are studies that examine the effect of a certain treatment or intervention in people.


Why is Sober Grid doing research studies?

Sober Grid is currently growing and working to increase its benefit to users and others with the goal of decreasing relapse occurrences and helping you to maintain your recovery through community support and addiction-specific resources. As part of this initiative, Sober Grid is starting to conduct research studies that will ideally increase access to critical recovery resources and help us better help you and others also struggling with addiction, by determining what works and what doesn’t and then incorporating what does work into the app.


Why does Sober Grid need volunteers?

We need volunteers so we can understand how Sober Grid is used and its impact, which allows us to determine what to improve and what to add so we can make the app better for you and ensure that Sober Grid is staying true to its mission of reducing relapse and helping to maintain recovery. 


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What private information will you be collecting?

 We will be collecting contact information (your name, address, and telephone number; additional contact names and telephone numbers). Collecting this information will help us to contact you while you are in the study. In addition, only study staff will have access to this information.

Will my private information be linked to any study data collected?

No. Any Sober Grid app data or data collected from assessments will be de-identified with a study specific ID. In addition, your private information and any study data will be stored in separate and secure locations.

Is there a risk to participating in this study?

This trial is a low-risk study which means that the only risk to you is a potential loss of confidentiality. Please remember that loss of confidentiality is unlikely as all identifiable information is kept secure and only study staff will have access to any identifiable information collected.

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Is there a benefit to participating?

We cannot guarantee a benefit too participating, but the knowledge gained from the study could help increase resources in the app which could help you and others in maintaining recovery.


Do I need to pay to be in the study?

No. However, if you choose to have us send you reminders or contact you via SMS text message, then message and data rates may apply from your mobile phone company and you will be responsible for these charges.


What happens if I don’t want to participate in this study?

Nothing. Participating in a clinical trial is completely voluntary and will not impact your access to the Sober Grid app. You can also leave the study at any point.

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