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Collaborators Wanted

Video Blogger

Calling all recovery and substance addiction focused bloggers! We're adding a few more guest bloggers to our team.


What does this mean?

It means your content will be put in front of our massive recovery community. 


Why are you doing this?

Our users, and people in general love relevant content, in fact they can't get enough of it. So, if we like your stuff, we'll put it in front of our user base.


How does this benefit me?

Exposure! Exposure in front of a community who finds what you're sharing as extremely valuable to their sobriety. Additionally, we're happy to link back to your personal blog or personal social media channels - gaining you new followers. We're also adding a couple of really exciting new profile features to the app for a handful of users that we feel are promoting sobriety and recovery in a way that we feel really resonates with our community.


Any rules?

Not really. However...

1. We're only interested in promoting content that we feel would be valuable to someone in recovery, trying to get sober or looking to improve their health or mental well-being.

2. There are no rules around word count length, or content style. We're open to lists and infographics as well. Be humorous, be sentimental, be helpful, as long as you're putting out great stuff.

3. The content must be original, and written by you, but it's ok if it's live somewhere else. 


Success! Message received. We will be in touch with you soon.

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