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  • Do I have to sign in with Facebook?
    Nope. You do not need to sign in with Facebook. You can just use your email to create an account.
  • If I sign in with Facebook, what is shared to them or others?"
    Nothing! The only reason we offer Facebook as a sign in option is because it makes it easier to login. You don't need to remember another login.
  • Do I have to show my location on Sober Grid?
    Nope! Sharing your location helps you find other people near you. It doesn't reveal your exact location to others — but provides an approxomiate distance. If you rather not share your location, you can turn off Location Services in your phone settings.
  • How do I block someone on Sober Grid?
    If you find someone you rather not see on the app, you can block them. Blocking someone makes it so they cannot contact you and that you won't see any of their content. There are several ways to block someone: 1. On the member's post, select the ••• on the top-right of the post > Block 2. On the member's comment, select the ••• on the top-right of their comment > Block 3. On the member's profile, select the ••• on the top-right of the page > Block 4. In a chat conversation, select one of their messages > Block
  • How do I update my profile on Sober Grid?
    1. Go to the last tab on the bottom-right of the screen On iOS 1. Select the red pencil icon on your profile photo On Android 1. Select the Settings icon on the bottom-right of the screen 2. Select Edit Profile Make sure to save your changes!
  • Is this just for alcoholics?
    Nope! This is for everyone looking to stay clean & sober — no matter if you belong to a 12 Step program or not.
  • How can I help Sober Grid?
    1. Get every sober person you know to download and use the app! 2. Use the app and post content to the newsfeed. 3. Invite your friends. 4. Spread the word on social media. 5. Tell us what you like and what you think can be improved with the app.
  • I have some feedback. How do I let Sober Grid know?
    If you have anything that requires support, contact us by email at
  • I'm having trouble getting into my account!
    Just reach out to us at and we'll get you back in right away!
  • How can I delete my account?
    Having you as a part of the community is essential to helping sober people everywhere get the support they need. However, if you still wish to leave, you may do so by clicking here to send and email to us requesting that your account be deleted.
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