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Welcome Healthline Readers !

Experience the Benefits of Peer Recovery Coaching
at your fingertips!

Sober Grid is an iOS/Android App that makes it easy for you to track and share your recovery progress, access peer recovery and receive counseling anytime, anywhere, all with your mobile phone. No one on one or group meetings, just simple, effective counseling right from your mobile phone whenever and where ever you need it. 

Check out this Great Offer ! 

Discounted rate for 3 Months $229

  • Start a 2-week free trial, then $229 for three months ($79 month - 20% savings)

  • Select the Certified Peer Recovery Coach that fits your background

  • Work with your Coach on a structured recovery plan

  • Scheduled weekly 15min-30min sessions

  • All Virtually!


or call 216-430-0819

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