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Managed Care Organizations

The ongoing Opioid epidemic, combined with the isolation and anxieties related to Covid-19 isolation, have created an unprecedented crisis for healthcare organizations and their covered members. 

There is increasing incentive for the healtchare industry to leverage telehealth programs to increase access to substance use disorder treatment.

Sober Grid decreases the risk to your covered members, while simultaneoulsy increasing HEDIS scores, by providing demonstrable outcomes:


  • Decreased readmission rates to hospitals and emergency departments

  • Reduced costs related to SUD/SMI treatment

  • Reduced member risk

  • Increased member engagement 

The Impact of Peer Support

The addition of peer support into members treatment has shown proven reductions in financial impacts to insurers.

Pecoraro, (2012) found for individuals who had peer team intervention, insurance claims demonstrated: 

  • 33% ($35,938) decrease in inpatient medical admissions 

  • 38% ($4,248) decrease in emergency department visits

  • 42% ($1,579) increase in behavioral health/substance abuse (BH/SA) inpatient admissions, and; 

  • 33% ($847) increase in outpatient BH/SA admissions


While the health and wellbeing in members is also improved. 

The addition of peer support has reduced:

  • Readmissions by 42%

  • Days in the hospital by 48%

And simultaneously showed:

  • Decreased substance use

  • Decreased depression

  • Increased hopefulness

  • Increased self-care

  • Increased well-being

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