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A support community with thousands of members

One-on-one support coaching

Digital resources for long-term recovery

Support anytime, anywhere,
at your own pace

Online Community

Sober Grid offers a social media platform for those in, or seeking, recovery from substance abuse and mental health struggles.

Individualized groups, community interaction, quests and more provide an unparalleled support system directly on your phone. 

Peer Support Coaching

Our coaches are state-certified with lived experiences just like yours, helping guide the process in all aspects of life including you or your loved ones recovery.

Coaching is provided for free with enrollment into these digital therapeutics.

Digital Therapeutics

Our partnership with Orexo allows us to offer Sober Grid members private and personalized online programs that use proven psychology tools and techniques:

deprexis® for symptoms of depression

vorvida® to help manage your relationship with alcohol

Orexo's on-line therapies use proven counseling techniques like what you might get from a therapist or other healthcare provider, without having to connect with a live person

deprexis® is a 12-week on-line program that helps you manage depression.  Private and available 24/7, it provides personalized  tools and resources. deprexis® is clinically proven to help people feel less depressed when added to their current treatment.

vorvida® is a private and personalized online program that can help you change your behavior around alcohol. Over the 6-month program, vorvida® can help you break negative thought patterns and responses.

Stay motivated and reach your recovery goals.
Get connected to the largest online recovery community. Grow your network and get support from our state certified Peer Coaches.
They can help you achieve long term recovery by sharing experiences, teaching you new skills, and providing support at every step your recovery journey.

Join the SoberGrid community and learn more about our digital therapeutics and unlock additional discounts and services

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