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5 Reasons for Rehab Facilities to Maintain Contact with Alumni

Does your facility have a way to make regular contact with its alumni, something faster and more convenient than a phone? With the growth of mobile device usage across the population, a digital health app like Sober Grid can give your facility unparalleled access to its prior guests, offering you a host of benefits as a healthcare provider and business:

1. Improved outcomes

Being an app or email away from support can give your alumni the extra boost they need to stay sober and continue their addiction recovery without incident. It’s good for the patient, and it’s good for your facility.

2. Referrals

Happy alumni who feel properly supported and assisted by your facility will be far more likely to recommend their friends or family members in need to your services, especially if you keep in contact and remind them that you exist from time to time. This can fill help fill beds with a minimum of advertising or other expensive outreach.

3. Data collection

If your facility wants to learn more about how to help its guests make a full recovery from addiction, keeping close contact with those guests after their stay is crucial. After all, sobriety at a facility is comparatively easy; what truly matters is the ability of your alumni to maintain sobriety after their stay. With contact via an app like Sober Grid, you can build data conducive to better treatment and better outcomes.

4. Reliable access

Sometimes, it’s just nice to be able to communicate easily with your alumni; you can remind them of bills, inform them of new events, remind them to come in for follow-ups, and otherwise maintain a clearer line of contact than you might see if you only use phone numbers.

5. Improved attendance

Do you host meetings for alumni, schedule events, or run a sober hobby group? Then an app to keep contact with your alumni can massively boost attendance, by making your presence in their mind constant and pushing regular reminders to show up.

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