Send Me a Friend Brings Those in Sobriety Together

Getting sober often comes with its own challenges. You sometimes need to replace people, places, and things in your life. And if you’re a musician, you may not be able to replace those things.

Being on tour has its highlights: seeing different cities, playing to different crowds, it’s an experience that few would want to miss. But drugs and alcohol are often sought after and enjoyed companions on the road. How then, would it be possible, to replace such (often times) essential groupies?

Luckily, there’s a solution! Send Me A Friend, a project of Positive Vibrations Foundation is a nonprofit organization of volunteer “sober friends” who support musicians & music industry professionals in recovery by meeting them at their gig.

Now, wherever there’s a music event, there can be another sober person there to offer support and help — especially in early recovery. With the Sober Grid app, people can connect with an entire network to volunteer their time to help a fellow person in recovery or request a new friend at an upcoming gig.

Send Me a Friend actively seeks volunteers with over one year of continuous sobriety. These “Friends” lend their services to those touring music industry professionals in need of a safe harbor and buffer them from the temptations they face on the road. Being a friend will be on the individual’s terms – they can help as often or little as they would like and when their schedule allows.

Send Me a Friend is also currently accepting submissions for music industry professionals in need of their program: musicians, road crew, sound and production engineers, or anyone making their living in a music venue.

To get started, call or text (504) 214-9554 or email to activate the network of sober “Friends” who are standing by to help serve as a safe buffer at your gig. Or, if you’re looking to volunteer, you can use the same contact info to let the network know you would like to help!

Send Me a Friend is also available now on Sober Grid! To join the group, all you have to do is install the app on an iOS or Android device, create a profile, and join the group in the app. From there, you are able to access a private newsfeed that shows what members are posting and where they are located.

See you on Sober Grid!

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