Logan/Champagne Helps Fight Back on Opioids with Peer Support

The ADAHMS Board of Logan/Champagne county signed a contract with Sober Grid to provide peer support to approximately 100 individuals. Since signing the contract Logan/Champagne County has provided approximately 30 individuals with peer support. Sober Grid launched a service in August 2018 through their application that provides 24/7/365 Certified Peer Coaching.

Peer Coaches can help those in recovery by sharing their lived experience, offering support, and helping with resources like healthcare, and jobs. Each recovery coach has received supervised training and are certified through state mental health organizations.

“We are giving out recovery coaching to individuals who have had an overdose in their story. It is one of the ways Logan/Champagne county is combating the opioid crisis.” Chuck Roberts, a member of the Logan/Champagne county ADAHMS board said. Research on peer support suggests that it can have positive impacts on recovery and is supported by SAMSHA.

Sober Grid Serves a number of government healthcare organizations and serve thousands of people with state certified peer support specialists. Sober Grid has also signed a contract with the Clermont county ADAHMS Board and is in talks with other organizations throughout the country.

Sober Grid is based in Massachusetts and is also the largest mobile recovery platform with over 150,000 registered users.

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