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What are Digital Therapeutics?

The healthcare industry is increasingly turning to telehealth and digital models to better serve members. But what are Digital Therapeutics, and do they work?

What are Digital Therapeutics?

Simply put, digital therapeutics (DTx) are a subset of digital healthcare involving the use of software to treat or assist in the treatment of illnesses. They can assist in a wide range of illnesses for physical and mental health; diabetes, depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD and more. These treatments are evidence-based and often clinically studied for their efficacy. Pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and insurance companies are coming to accept these digital interventions for their assistance in improving outcomes, especially given the isolation caused by COVID-19.

How do Digital Therapeutics work?

DTx products rely on high-quality software developed by experts in their respective fields to deliver digital interventions and assistance in treatment programs. Each product is specific to the users needs and treatment. Many products utilize machine-learning or similar methods to personalize and adapt the program to the users needs. DTx products can sometimes require a prescription, but infrequently. Many of these programs provide reporting that your doctor or therapist can use to help guide you through your treatment.

Who are Digital Therapeutics for?

Both those in clinical settings and individuals suffering from a variety of illnesses utilize digital therapeutics. Clinicians can use these programs to gain data and insights into how patients react to treatment more than ever before. This data is used to improve treatments and advance these fields of study further. They also provide access to those who may be unable to regularly attend or afford a traditional office environment.

For the user, convenience is a huge factor. Many DTx products require no human interaction if desired. You can pick a time any hour of the day that works for you and complete it at your own pace. There is such a wide variety of products that you can pick one that specifically works for you. The interaction allows you to experience treatment in a new way that therapy or doctor appointments might not be able to fulfill.

Are Digital Therapeutics covered by insurance?

Short answer; it depends. Many programs offer discounts, some are covered by insurance, some are prescription only, some insurance companies or Employee Assistance Programs may provide incentives for utilize digital therapeutics. The world of DTx is new but expanding rapidly. And as the products gain awareness they will increasingly be accepted by insurance.

Does Sober Grid offer Digital Therapeutics?

Sober Grid has partnered with pharmaceutical company Orexo® to offer our members large discounts on two of their most groundbreaking digital therapeutics; vorvida® and deprexis®.

Vorvida® is a web-based software program that uses clinically proven CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) tools and techniques to help users take control of their drinking habits. It lets you set your own goals, then creates a personalized approach to help you cut back on how much and how often you drink

deprexis® is a unique online program for depression that helps you feel better when added to your existing care plan. deprexis® provides personalized tools and resources tailored to you, just like what you might get from a therapist or other healthcare provider but without having to connect to a live person.

If you are interested in receiving either of these programs at a discount, please contact us today:

1-888-375-0111 (Toll-free)

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